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21st Century is the century of Mind and our team is committed towards intellectual revolution by sharing the knowledge we gained throughout our journey.



“The mind is everything. What you think you become.”


Ubikaa ACE

This noble idea is initiated by Mrugami Desai. We decided to Name the project Ubikaa ACE – Accept, Change, Empower. Young mind steps forward with the idea of intellectual contribution. Most valuable yet non tangible and undervalued. When she came up with the idea, Ubikaa team took it as a mission, in our journey so far, many people joined this cause and helped us to reach thousands of people.

The intellectual revolution is all about you. Ubikaa ACE provides free education, self-help and developmental information to children and adults all over the world so they may lead a happy and productive life. Our aim is to raise educational standards and intellectual upliftment around the world by taking knowledge to those who need it the most or who are ready to take their knowledge to a higher level.

Education is essential to progress. Without a solid foundation of knowledge, one cannot hope to improve themselves or the world they live in. This is why Ubikaa ACE and various other organizations, have joined forces to create a revolution that strives to change the world by contributing valuable teaching and trainings. On the banner Ubikaa ACE education, proper knowledge, and free thought lies this revolution. Join the cause and make a difference.

Mission: To inspire and trigger the hidden potential of 10,000 lives.

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